Personal Finance Class & Music

You can still meet this requirement and participate in a music ensemble all four years of high school.
As you know, the requirement for one standard credit in economics and personal finance becomes effective for students entering the 9th grade next school year. Students entering the 9th grade will have four years to meet this requirement. While students may sign up for the course during any of those four years, the Instructional Services Department has recommended that students take this during their junior or senior years.


Here are the options currently slated to be in place for students to complete this requirement…


1.      Economics and Personal Finance (612000)

2.      Economics and Personal Finance-online (612099)-expected Fall 2011

3.      Economics and Personal Finance-online-summer option(612099)-expected Summer 2012

4.      AP Macro/Micro Economics (280204/280304)-expected Fall 2012

5.      IB Economics (280008)-expected Fall 2012

6.      Economics and Personal Finance two semesters-expected Fall 2012

7.      Economics and Personal Finance-online- two semesters -expected Fall 2012

8.      AP Macro/Micro Economics-online (280204/280304)-expected Fall 2013

9.      IB Economics –online (280008)-expected Fall 2013